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Case Study
Client: Pulselive
Pulselive – is a company responsible for creating, developing and managing digital platforms, reaching millions of sports fans every day; whether that's the official Rugby or Cricket World Cup website or the Premier League's iOS and Android apps.

Project description: Sports website, with live tournament data, statistics, match centres and content such as video and news. Users can create personal accounts and follow interesting information on their favourite players and teams etc.

Challenge: Test website during the development process. Verify site layout, widget functionality and look and feel on mobile and desktop devices, and different web browsers.

Results: During the testing process defects were identified, which were then resolved by the development team. Our team did various testing of the website, including functional testing, integrations with third parties, regression testing, compatibility testing. The results from the testing are then place into a test summary report for review ahead of releasing to the next phase of the project.
Client review
Case Study
Client: Se7enksy
Se7ensky – frontend studio from Kyiv, Ukraine. Due to the growing number of projects they faced various quality assurance challenges that were hard to resolve without a dedicated QA team. So they decided to hire Pixpie instead of hiring own team due to two factors:

  • Speed. Pixpie is able to provide a dedicated fulltime QA to the project in two weeks
  • Flexibility. Pixpie is able to quickly ramp-up or down the number of resources quickly - with just two weeks notice period.

Project: Psychological test site.

Challenge: Feedback received from users showed some problems using the application, among them were freezing of site on various devices. The developers' team was not able to replicate issues as steps to reproduce were not clear.


  • Execute functional testing of the products.
  • Do cross-platform and cross-browser testing.
  • After discussing some defects, it was decided to also conduct a load testing and performance testing (load and performance) of the server.

Results: After the initial investigation, were found numerous bugs in the application. Plus, we were able to replicate the issues from user feedback.- Once defects were fixed, the client found that some of the issues depend on server load, so we also performed load and performance testing for the application server-side.

Client review
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